Las Vegas Golf Schools

Listen to an incredible half-hour of discussion with Bob’s background as one of the greatest college players on one of the top teams in the country plus his years on the PGA Tour:

Top Golf Instructors and Facility

There’s a lot about us that will amaze you.  The Las Vegas Golf School has been providing the highest quality 1:1 and 1:2 instruction for its clients for many years.. Simply, “NO ONE DOES IT BETTER”. We have assembled the best group of experienced and respected Golf Professionals in the business to make sure you can achieve your goals for your golf game…whatever that might be. We also have locations all over the country that conveniently provide opportunities to take advantage of our wide variety of programs.

Our preferred location is at the Revere Golf Club in Las Vegas and it is headed by one of the Top Teachers in the world, Bob Byman. Coupled with decades of competition on the PGA Tour and other world Tours, Bob has about 25+ years of experience teaching and coaching golf. All of his students (from beginner to PGA Tour professionals) have greatly benefited from his presentation of time-tested fundamentals. Your improvement is inevitable. There is simply nothing like it available today.

“Identifying the true causes of the effects of your swing motion and shot outcomes allows every golfer to finally put their games back into balance…probably for the first time in their golfing careers. We set the conditions for you to optimize your skills. My teachers were the best players of their day. The players that influenced my beliefs and conclusions the most were Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and George Knudson. Focus on what are the relatively few sound, controllable and doable fundamental static positions and dynamic movements and you will soon be playing the golf of your dreams. Together, we make appropriate adjustments to your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions which in turn allows for adjustments to your technique. You can look forward to the dramatic improvement in the short term, but more importantly, we lay the foundation for your continued and inevitable improvement in the long term. You can not change effectively unless you fully understand what you are trying to do. I do everything I can to get you to understand; all you have to do is do the work. Let’s get you in the game!”

Bob’s passion for teaching added with his experience and expertise is nearly unique in the teaching/coaching business. He offers the most effective golf instruction in the world…at any price.



  • USGA Junior Champion
  • Number 1 junior in the world entering college
  • Played on 2 NCAA Championship teams at Wake Forest University
    (“The best college team ever”)
  • Winner of numerous prestigious Amateur / College tournaments
  • Winner of 9 professional tournaments in a 26-month span, including 3 tournaments on the European Tour, 1 on the Australian Tour and 1 on the PGA Tour
  • Finished 5th on the European Order of Merit 1977
  • Finished 16th and 7th in consecutive years at the British Open
  • Unofficially named “The 1977 International Rookie of the Year” by Golf World
  • Winner of Arnold Palmer’s 1979 Bayhill Classic
  • Top 25 in the world ranking for 3 consecutive years
  • Inductee in the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame