Circle of Golf Fundamentals 

Improve All Aspects of your Golf Swing

Raise your Golf Game with “The Circle of Golf Fundamentals”

The Circle of Fundamentals, what is it and how does it work? First, you should know that you can’t change effectively unless you fully understand what you are trying to do. Learning any motion skill requires that you build a solid foundation on which you can continue to develop your skills. There are levels upon levels of understanding and execution in the game of golf. You start with the most basic things and move on from there. However, there are relatively few fundamentals to master in order to optimize your skills. The fundamentals can be organized into three categories (however, while you may choose to compartmentalize each to learn them, each is interdependent on the other and should be considered holistically).

Although it is logical to begin at the top of each circle of fundamentals and move around clockwise from there, you can actually start anywhere along the circle. Executing one fundamental concept leads you to the next one and then the next. They all go together… they all fit. As you begin feeding the fundamentals into your game, then you will notice that your ability to hit your desired result improves.

As your results improve you will want to raise the level of your preparation before each shot. As your scores go down and you can more often anticipate the outcomes of your shots, then you will want to plan your way around the golf course. Once you have a plan, then you can manage. Once you can manage, then you can evaluate and then finally assess… making any necessary adjustments and moving on from there. Your understanding and awareness will continue to grow… in essence, you will become a better golfer.