Grip, Stance, Posture

Bob and I, as brothers, started playing golf at an early age and grew up playing a lot of golf together. Our games continued to develop and improve over time to the point where we both qualified for the PGA Tour at the same qualifying school in 1978. My golf career highlights include being the 1972 Mexican National Amateur Champion, the 1974 Mexican National Open Champion and the 1975 Manitoba (Canada) Open Champion. I left the Tour in 1980 to pursue other interests and played golf only sparingly for the past 30+ years. At the encouragement of my two sons I decided to start playing Senior Golf a little over a year ago. The first person I called for help was my brother Bob. We have worked together multiple times to build a repeating golf swing that could stand up to tournament pressure. We started with the grip, stance and posture and then moved to understanding the loading and unloading elements of the golf swing. My improvement was both immediate and continuous. We continue to get together as often as possible for further refinement. I recently qualified for the US Senior Amateur finishing in the top 4 in a 90 person sectional field. The Championship will be held September 26 –October 1. I worked with many prominent golf instructors back when I was playing competitive golf and I believe Bob has the most complete understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing of anyone I’ve ever been around. He has a great “eye” to diagnose swing problems and has a unique ability to help you understand the changes you need to make to continue to improve. He also has a love for the game is both palpable and infectious! He is a joy to work with! I know that I could not have qualified for the US Senior Amateur without Bob’s help and encouragement. I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to improve their game, spend time with Bob and he will help you improve and will take you as far as you talent will allow. Bob, thanks for all your help!!