Golf School Barrington, IL at Wynstone Golf Club

golf school barrington ILGo to Golf School is pleased to present Dan Hansen as the golf instructor for Golf School Barrington, Illinois.  Dan Hansen has been teaching golf for over 40 years and is a head golf professional as well as a golf facility owner.  Dan has the ability to identify golf swing faults and knows how to fix them.  His creative style of teaching golf is both effective and satisfying for golf students of every level.  Dan utilized video swing analysis training even before it was popular and he continues to be at the cutting-edge of technology based teaching strategies.

Golf School Barrington is honored to have Dan Hansen as the golf instructor of choice: he has  an engaging personality and his passion for teaching is indisputable. He observes and analyses the teaching methodologies of some of the greatest instructional minds in golf and he studies the methods of the outstanding instructors past and present. This body of knowledge, combined with 40 years of world-class instructional experience, has given Dan an intimate understanding of the golf swing.

Dan HansenEstablished in 1989, the Wynstone is known for its sophisticated hospitality, casual elegance, and its encompassing amenities. Designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, the Wynstone golf course embraces the rolling hills and wetlands of Northern Illinois.  Wynstone Golf Club is among the “top one hundred” golf courses in USA thanks to its luxury estate style and its beautiful surroundings. When you play at the Wynstone Golf Club, you can expect a high standard of excellence.

You will be presented the best in golf school education when you enroll in Golf School Barrington at the Wynstone Golf Club with long-time instructor Dan Hansen.  Students, both at the beginners level and at the expert level benefit from Dan’s extensive experience in the game of golf and as a golf instructor.  Please call us for more information or to make a reservation in the Illinois Golf School Barrington program: (702) 630-7857